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Work Directly With Pierce Whitley, IHP2

As you work closely with certified Integrative Health Practitioner Pierce Whitley, you’ll unearth the real, root causes behind your unique health challenges.

Pierce offers a complete 4-consultation health consulting package with all of the services detailed below, as well as weekly email support.

The 4-Month Road to Health

During the first consultation, you’ll discuss your health history and current challenges with Pierce, and he’ll provide you with both initial recommendations for you to start on as well as recommendations for specific at-home lab tests for you to run. These will help uncover the root-cause imbalances behind your health struggles.

Before the second consultation, Pierce will craft a tailor-made health plan for you based on your lab testing results, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and supplements. Then during your second consultation, he’ll review your lab results and personalized health plan with you.

This package also includes 2 follow-up consultations to help you move through your plan, make adjustments as needed, and re-test if you desire!

This complete health consultation package, normally valued at $585, is currently discounted even further at $125 each month for 3 months, or a one-time payment of $375.

  Week 1:
  Intake & Initial

60-minute Private Video Consultation (via Zoom)
• Intake on your health history
• Initial health, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations
• At-home lab test recommendation

  Week 6:
  Health Plan

60-minute Private Video Consultation (via Zoom)
• Review of your at-home Lab Testing results
• Explanation of your Personalized Health Plan, including:
    – Personalized Meal Plan
    – Food Shopping List
    – Exercise Recommendations
    – Customized Supplement Protocol
    – Healthy Lifestyle Advice

Week 10:
  Follow-up &

30-minute Private Video Consultation (via Zoom)
• Updates & tweaks to your Personalized Health Plan (as needed) such as:
    – Reintroduction of foods on your Meal Plan
    – Updates to your Exercise Recommendations
    – Updates to your Supplement Protocol
    – Updated Lifestyle Advice

  Week 14:
  Follow-up &

30-minute Private Video Consultation (via Zoom)
• Updates & tweaks to your Personalized Health Plan (as needed)
• Optional re-testing
• How to maintain your amazing results

*After your first 4 consultations, you may decide to continue as an ongoing Private Health & Wellness Client and receive a 30- or 60-minute consultation on a regular basis where ongoing recommendations can be made, as well as continued weekly email support.

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